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What is Tramadol

Tramadol  is a  morphine- like  pain reliever  that is one of the  opioids  . Tramadol is not covered by the Opium Act  , in contrast to the slightly heavier opiates / opioids such as morphine and  methadone. Tramadol is a strong pain reliever depending on the dose. prescribed for severe pain, such as after injury, surgery, or from cancer. Also with nerve pain and joint pain from osteoarthritis. It is also occasionally prescribed for premature ejaculation, if other medicines do not work. The working time depends on the type you use. Capsules, dissolving tablets, effervescent tablets and drops work within 1 hour. Suppositories work within 2 to 3 hours. The effect lasts 6 to 8 hours. Modified-release tablets and capsules work for 12 hours. The once-daily tablets work for 24 hours. Use tramadol for as long as you need it and on a regular schedule. For example, every 4 to 6 hours (regular capsules and tablets), every 12 hours (with MGA or retard) or every 24 hours (once-daily). Tramadol Buy | Tramadol Buy the Netherlands and Belgium

Operation Tramadol

Ordinary Tramadol capsules: take with half a glass of water. The capsules may be taken apart before taking. Do not chew or crush the granules contained therein, as this will unintentionally release all the active ingredient at the same time. The granules are made in such a way that they dissolve slowly, so that they have fewer side effects and last longer. These opioids like tramadol have many side effects. Most side effects with opioid use are strongest in the first week and gradually disappear over time. Nausea ,  constipation ,  dizziness  (vertigo), excessive  sweating  and drowsiness ( sedation ) are common. Sometimes delusions or  hallucinations appearance. The trick is to dose in such a way that a good balance is achieved between pain relief and side effects, with the expected build-up of tolerance in mind. As an indication, the starting dose is usually between 50 and 100 milligrams depending on the severity of the pain and body weight.

Side effects Tramadol

Tolerance occurs after long-term use of any opioid   ; over time, a higher dose is needed to achieve the desired effect (usually analgesia) than in the beginning. Withdrawal from use of any opioid occurs   . After someone has been ‘ kicked off ‘, the tolerance has disappeared again, so the normal starting dose can be started again the next time. Tramadol is slower and less effective than morphine, making it less interesting for  drug users .

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Pain is certainly something that no one experiences question, but there are always cases where we are confronted with it. Fortunately, the pain can be suppressed with a range of available medications such as Tramadol. This is a pain reliever that is used more often, but in cases when it concerns fairly severe pains. The dose will depend on the type of pain to be suppressed and the period for which it will be needed. In general, this powerful pain reliever is prescribed in cases where there are pains caused by nerve disorders or wear on the joints.

Buy Tramadol | Tramadol Buy the Netherlands and Belgium

No tapering off necessary

This is a big difference with many other medicines, including painkillers and therefore Tramadol is also suitable for people who need to be helped from their pain for a long period of time. The advantage is also that it works quickly and also provides the necessary relief in acute cases. The degree of habituation that occurs with long-term use is not too bad and you do not have to tinker with the dose again and again. An almost ideal means to help ease pain, which fortunately can also be ordered at the pharmacy. For Tramadol there is also a group of people for whom the muscle relaxant effect plays a major role. The body becomes relaxed and this rest also helps the body with recovery. In addition to the peace of mind that taking Tramadol provides, it is also the analgesic effect that literally means true relief for many. It is used for people who can no longer function normally due to a terminal illness such as cancer and who are still able to participate in many activities due to the analgesic effect. Ordering from Tramadol for such severe pains often requires a prescription. With long-term use, with subsequent orders, it is no longer necessary to submit a prescription.

Tramadol effects

Because in many cases it is of great importance that the pain is continuously suppressed for a longer period of time, there are tablets available that regulate the release and have an effect for up to 24 hours. The downside, however, is formed by the way in which the body will increasingly ask for the drug during long-term use. This not only comes in the form of physical complaints, but there is also mental disruption. It is a property that is common to all opioids and the doctor knows it like no other. Therefore, by strictly following the instructions, tramadol 100 mg should not have long-term harmful side effects on the body.
In a lower dose, this drug is also known as tramadol paracetamol and can be used for less serious ailments. It is therefore available without a prescription, but the importance of reading the package leaflet remains intact.

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