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Clonazepam is an  anti-epileptic ; a drug that  suppresses the symptoms of  epilepsy . It is also prescribed for  panic disorders ,  insomnia  and neurological conditions such as  polyneuropathies . Rivotril belongs to the  benzodiazepines  (and use in combination with  alcohol  is therefore not recommended).



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What is Clonazepam

Clonazepam is an  anti-epileptic ; a drug that  suppresses the symptoms of  epilepsy . It is also prescribed for  panic disorders ,  insomnia  and neurological conditions such as  polyneuropathies . Rivotril belongs to the  benzodiazepines  (and use in combination with  alcohol  is therefore not recommended). It has been  marketed  in the  Netherlands since  1973 by Roche Nederland bv under the brand name Rivotril. It is available in the form of drops, tablets and injections. Tablets are available in 0.5 and 2 mg strengths. Rivotril ® belongs to a group of medicines known as benzodiazepines and contains the active substance clonazepam. Rivotril is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of epilepsy. In infants and children, it is indicated for mild seizures (petit mal) and tonic-clonic seizures (muscle shocks). Rivotril can also be used in adult epilepsy and focal seizures. The injection form of Rivotril is prescribed for the treatment of ‘status epilepticus’ (a long-lasting seizure or a number of consecutive seizures without the person regaining consciousness in between). Rivotril is available as drops, as an injection liquid and in tablet form. Clonazepam Buy | Clonazepam Buy the Netherlands and Belgium

Operation Clonazepam

Rivotril is one of the benzodiazepines that has a very long half-life, 18 – 50 hours. Unlike the metabolites of, for example, diazepam, the metabolites of clonazepam are almost inactive. For adults a maximum dose of 20 mg per day applies. Rivotril as a medicine is mainly used in pill form and orally. However, it is also possible to smoke clonazepam and to use nasal, intramuscular, intravenous or rectal.

Side effects Clonazepam

In addition to the desired effect, this medicine, like all medicines, can have side effects. The most common side effects are the following: especially in the first weeks they occur, such as drowsiness, fatigue and less often drowsiness. This reduces your reaction and concentration ability. Accidents can happen more easily: in traffic or at work.

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For many people, it is necessary to go through life for a (time) period and medication can function normally. However, it is very important that the correct product is prescribed and that other undesirable side effects must also be taken into account. However, the net result must be an improvement of the situation and there must always be close contact with the doctor in order to pass on all changes equally.

Suffer from restlessness or unable to sleep?

You then belong to an increasingly larger group of people within society and, if you fail to find a solution, normal functioning within society can be seriously disrupted in the long run. That is certainly something that no one is waiting for and a solution can quickly be obtained by taking clonazepam 2.5 mg. Because clonazepam belongs to a group of medicines that have benzodiazepenes as active substance, care should be taken not only for side effects, but also for long-term use. The body will eventually become accustomed to the prescribed dose and will order clonazepam than a higher dose must be requested. However, it is also a sign that it is wise to go to the doctor and perhaps prescribe another medicine. The same also applies to people who have taken clonazepam for a period of several months, because it may not suddenly stop taking it. However, the effects will be greatly limited by means of a tailor-made reduction schedule.

Available in different shapes

Since it can be used for a number of purposes, from muscle cramps to anxiety attacks, it is not only available in the form of tablets, but also in drops or by injection. The latter, incidentally, will only apply to persons who are in a hospital or with the doctor and where immediate intervention is required. When you buy clonazepam without a prescription, it will simply be the tablet form and all instructions for taking it should be read carefully. It is not recommended for pregnant women to take the drug, even after childbirth. The breast milk can still be delivered to the baby. The resting state of the body after taking clonazepam will last for a while and should be taken into account when taking it, that there will be no active participation in many activities. It is also good that the environment will be aware of the use and one will take into account when ordering clonazepam. Do remain alert for the side effects and if in doubt inform the doctor immediately.

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